The Tactix Product Suite (developed and supported by Optimatix) covers all of a company's planning requirements, from operational through tactical to strategic planning. (Read more about it in our Product Solutions section below.)

The Tactix Product Suite consists of the following:


The Tactix Product Suite caters for Strategic, Tactical and Operational planning:

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning focuses on a company's long term planning goals, enabling it to formulate, measure and justify their long term strategic objectives. Tactix offers a graphical 'What If?' environment, assisting senior management to evaluate strategic alternatives within minutes.

Tactical Planning

Tactix has a medium term planning function to optimise supply, operations and demand, thus yielding maximum profit for a company.
It gives management a visual mathematical model of their entire organisation, not only optimising production planning, supply planning, distribution planning and demand planning, but also providing a platform to define, measure and justify continuous improvement.

Operational Planning

Tactix has a short term operational planning function that drives the day-to-day production activities. It displays your operations on a graphical virtual planning board that allows you to drag and drop, providing additional flexibility to further enhance your schedules.

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